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Sunday Dinner Class

The heart of Traditions Sausage is our Sunday Dinner Program. We work in groups of 4 to 6 people, individuals, couples or groups to create a family experience.

Growing up each Sunday, we would visit my grandparents where a multi-course, mid-day meal was always served. And in the wintertime, we would get together for a long weekend of sausage making.

The Traditions Sunday Dinner Program combines hands-on sausage and cured meats preparation with an Italian-styled sit down Sunday dinner at the end.

Each class starts with the preparation of a batch of sausage, with the group working the entire process of grinding, mixing spices, and stuffing up to 30 pounds of sausage.

At the conclusion of the sausage making portion of the class, a sit-down dinner featuring sausage dishes from family recipes, bread, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and a few glasses of wine. Sitting around the table, we talk about the class, and other food, cooking, and travel topics.

At the end of the class, each person takes home about five pounds of their own homemade sausage and many memories.

Class price is


We are now also offering small group production classes and large group demonstration/ tasting classes.


Demonstration Class 

For those who are not sure what they would do with the five pounds of sausage provided in the Sunday Dinner Program or are looking for a group experience for 10 to 15 people, we offer a fun  Demonstration and Tasting class. This is a wonderful introduction to sausage making and cured meat-processing, and is perfect for those looking for a program with a backyard barbeque experience - complete with tasty handouts. This class includes  hands-on demonstration of sausage and cured meat preparation. The highlight of the class is a meal, complete with a sampling a several dishes using our sausage mixes made in the class, as well as homemade cured meats, bread, wine and a green salad.

This class is

Sausage Production Class 

For those who have taken the Demonstration or Sunday Dinner class and are interested in making a minimum of five pounds of sausage, we are offering advanced sausage making classes. In the Advanced class, the group cuts, spices and produces their own sausage. Traditions provides the fresh pork, spices, casings, the sausage press and general instructions. And no class would be complete without a loaf of French bread, a few glasses of wine and tasting our mixes!! 

Cost of Sausage Production class is $35.00/person.


Winter/Spring Schedule 

The following dates are available for the Sunday Dinner or Production Classes. Please call or email to reserve a date or for more details. Classes are offered to individuals or groups. Four people is the minimum class size for the Sunday Dinner program and 10 is the minimum for the Demonstration class. Sunday Dinner and Demonstration Classes can be scheduled for Saturday or Sunday.

Contact us if you are interested in a Production class. Production classes are offered on a limited basis and are held on Saturdays.

Gift certificates are available upon request for either the Sunday Dinner or Demonstration/ Tasting Classes.


For 2016:

  • Classes are for groups
    of 6 or more.

  • Class dates/times are arranged by appointment only. 

  • Please contact us (see below) to schedule your appointment or for more information.


Call or email for details: Traditions.sausage@yahoo.com Phone: 415-609-0916