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As long as I can remember, my dad, uncles and grandparents made fresh and dried sausages, coppa, prosciutto, soprosatto and other cured meats.

Growing up on a farm in rural California and part of a large Italian family, each season had its own special events. Gardens were planted in the spring, fruits and vegetables were canned in the summer, and olives cured in the fall. Winter was the time to make sausage and a variety of cured meats.

At Traditions Sausage we provide a personal experience in sausage making, family cooking recipes, family stories, and information from herb and vegetable gardening to the cuts of meat for sausage and cured meats. 

Over the years of instruction and experimentation, we have developed a number of home sausage recipes and food dishes to share. We now provide instruction in Italian, French, Spanish, Polish and American style sausages.


Through the years a lot has changed, but I continue the traditions of providing home grown and homemade products for family and friends.


We provide three different class experiences. Each class is hands-on to create a family experience. We focus on individuals, couples and groups of 4 to 6 people for our Sunday Dinner and Production Class and from 6 to 15 people for our Demonstration Class. 

Each class starts with an introduction, history, a few family stories and then a discussion on each step of the sausage-making process. You will touch, smell and taste your way through the entire process of grinding, mixing spices, and stuffing sausage links.


Each program provides a meal of sausage from my family recipes, braised and roasted meats, bread, salad and a few glasses of wine.

The cooking and meal run about 3 hours.

Tradition's Philosophy

What Traditions provides is a family experience not only in making sausage, but actually living our philosophy: 

"Even in an urban environment, you can have fruit and citrus trees, herb gardens, fresh vegetables, and quality homemade meats." 

Learn how to become more of a producer rather than just a consumer, and embrace cooking as a habit rather than a ritual.


Thank you to all those who contributed to the success of our earlier classes. We have expanded our program based on the feedback you made.